Stranica : 360° Virtual Tour

360° Virtual Tour


By taking a virtual tour, your client can ”take a walk” through the property, as long as they have internet access. This allows them to experience the space “first hand” and conveys the feeling of being there exceptionally well, which saves you time and all but eliminates the possibility of any misinterpretation of the space and its features.

Virtual tours are the most direct approach to letting your clients experience what a given space looks and feels like, without them being there — regardless of the current stage of property development. Coupled with a 360° 3D floor layout, virtual tours become the clearest and most vivid means of communicating the full potential of your property.

NOTE: Both the 360 Floor Plan and Virtual Tour are optimized to run in any browser on any computer or smart device (PC, Mac, mobile and tablet) with an internet connection.


Q: How do you make 3D Floor Plans and Virtual Tours?

A: Based on your sketches, floor plans and/or architectural drawings that you provide us with, our team makes a 3D model of the property in 1:1 scale. We then render the model, take selected images and blend them together to provide you with a revolving floor plan and a route through the 3D model of the property which you can explore.