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Our story

Our mission is to provide solutions for clear and precise visual communication to the marketing world. Using the latest tools and techniques, we bridge the gap between you and your clients by offering you the full potential of architectural and structural visualization.

Dejan Dulić - CGI Artist - Marsel Team

Dejan Dulić

CGI Artist

Dejan hones all his knowledge of cutting edge modeling techniques by studying online lectures and the latest developments in the 3D modeling world. He’s here to provide unique ideas and solutions for all the problems that accompany finalizing our renders.

He nurtures a special interest in studying animation in Blender. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time in nature, as well as watching movies, TV shows and playing video games.

Boris Bukvić - Co-founder Public Relations 3D Artist - Marsel Team

Boris Bukvić

Co-founder, Public Relations, 3D Artist

As a very social person, Boris likes spending his time talking with people. That’s why there’s a high probability that you’ll be talking to him regarding your projects. As the co-founder of Marsel, he diligently strives to uphold the highest quality standards, of every aspect of our business since 2013.

Mišel Kanzel - Co-founder Art Director 3D Artist - Marsel Team

Mišel Kanzel

Co-founder, Art Director, 3D Artist

Led by the idea of Charles Eams – The details aren’t the details, they make the design – Misel is the last line of quality control at Marsel. Since our founding, he’s devoted all his attention to his work, so much so that he is the quality assurance of successful collaboration with our clients.  

Bojana Krstić - 3D Modeling Associate - Marsel Team

Bojana Krstić

3D Modeling Associate

Having proven herself on projects with the most difficult of 3D models, she is outstanding. Dependable and precise – that is what best defines her business approach to Marsel.

She owes her interest in the world of 3D to the fact that she likes spending her time playing the God of War games.