Stranica : Exterior



Intended for investors and real estate agencies, 3D visualizations of building exteriors allow you to communicate the full potential of your property to your buyers with vivid realism, regardless of what stage of development the property is in currently.

This method of representation and promotion allows your clients to experience their future property as fully as possible, in a truly realistic context. This eliminates virtually all forms of miscommunication and interpretation, allowing you to focus on what really matters — your client.

As a marketing tool, building exterior visualizations are in a league of their own, as they provide immense advantages over their more traditional counterparts. As marketing tools, exterior visualizations are most notable for their realism, but coupled with their flexibility of context, they provide an excellent vessel to convey the full potential of your property via any medium — digital or otherwise.


Q: What are exterior visualizations used for?

A: Exterior visualizations are a mandatory part of any construction project. Essentially, they represent high-fidelity architectural drawings, adapted to fit a realistic context that suits the building’s purpose, location and surroundings. Primarily, they’re used as promotional material, as their high degree of context flexibility allows them to be custom-tailored for promotion across all different platforms, mediums and customer bases.

Q: What do you need to produce an exterior visualization?

A: An architectural drawing of the building’s exterior is, usually, sufficient. However, having an insight into the actual architectural plan guarantees the best — most faithful — reproduction results.