Stranica : FAQ


What do I need to prepare for our first meeting?

Depending on the purpose of the project, it is important that you prepare all the documentation and supporting files necessary for the commencement and development of the project. If you don’t have all the necessary documentation available immediately, please try and provide as much reference material as you can (i.e. photographs, hand-drawn sketches and mockups etc.). Please make sure to include all the dimensions of your product.

How do I know that my project needs visualization?

If you are in marketing, it is quite possible that you will find it very difficult to do your job without visual representations of your product. In that sense, it is very important that you present your house, apartment or furniture to the consumer in the best way possible.

What is the final product that I receive as a client?

The most basic project deliverables include realistic visualizations of your product – rendered images. If there are specific design requirements, we can also provide you with technical documentation and specifications. Visualizations are delivered in the format of your preference and scale, as is appropriate for their further use. Besides static, realistic visualizations, we can provide video material.

I’m planning to renovate my home, can you help?

Of course. We’ll help you get a clear understanding of what your home will look like, helping you be sure that you know exactly what you’re investing in.

How much do you charge for your services?

The final product of architectural visualization can take the form of numerous, different variations. Our most basic service package, which includes only one render (e.g. interior) has a starting price of 450 euros.

How long will it take you to provide me with an interior design solution?

This will differ depending on the size of the building as well as whether you need a mockup design or a fully completed project with accompanying specifications. For apartments and residential homes up to 100m², we can guarantee first-draft solutions within 7 days.