Stranica : Interior



Interior visualizations (especially with the option of a virtual tour) allow you to explore your creative side and test out your ideas in a realistic 3D representation of the space you’re interested in investing. You’ll be able to see what your space looks like and perfect your vision, long before you’ve invested in furnishings or renovations — the ultimate preview.

Modeling your interior means that our team will follow your directions, ideas, sketches and model your space virtually, complete with furnishings and natural lighting that fits your space; giving you a realistic of what your ideas will look like when implemented — regardless of the current state of the space you’re working with.

The virtual tour completes the experience by letting you take a virtual stroll around your property and experience what your ideas look like first-hand, or as close to that as current technology can offer.

Regardless of what you plan on doing with your space — from restoration and renovation to a new luxury apartment, our team will be here to meet your needs and adapt the project to fit them perfectly.

3D renders are the perfect way to minimize construction costs, as they afford you the opportunity to change your mind and experiment with your ideas, helping you finalize all the expensive decisions before you’re financially committed to them.


Q: Can the furnishings you use in your models be purchased locally?

A: Yes. Depending on what you need, we usually offer two options as a part of our service.

In the case of personalized interior design, we can accommodate working with particular furnishing elements of your choosing. Alternatively, and at your request, we’ll pick the furnishings ourselves and compile a list with prices and retailers in your area that you can purchase them from.

If you’re not interested in personalizing your space, we’ll use reference furnishing models (models that serve as a spatial and contextual reference), but we won’t be able to provide you with the accompanying price ranges and furnishings list.